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Retreat Format and Content:

The three-day retreat begins with an evening reception, followed by three morning group sessions, free time in the afternoons for reflection and exploration in the beautiful surroundings of Sausalito at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge and reconvening for an early evening debrief session. The retreat begins at 6 pm on Thursday and ends at noon on Sunday. Individual follow-up sessions are available.

Evening Reception: Getting to Know You
  • Meet other retreat participants who share your desire to change
  • Review materials to help you prepare for Day One
  • Visualization Exercise: The Moment
Day One: Creating a New Vision: Where Do I Go From Here?
  • Valuing Where You’ve Been
  • Deciding What’s Important Now
  • Building a New Future Instead of Reconstructing the Past
  • Applying Techniques for Identifying Choices and Making Decisions
  • Visualization Exercise: At the Crossroads
Day Two: Confidently Confronting the Fears that Keep You Stuck
  • Confronting the “Dirty Dozen”: Fears that Limit your Life
  • Yes But…Dealing with Resistance in Yourself and Others
  • Understanding the Effect of Change on Relationships
  • Preparing for the Transition
  • Visualization Exercise: Replacing Fear With Faith
Day Three: Building a Bridge from the Present to the Future
  • Preparing for Change
  • Designing Your M.A.P (My Action Plan)
  • Visualization Exercise: The Magic of Believing
You will receive tools, techniques, inspiration and practical, common-sense guidelines to develop an expanded view of your future and get support to confidently break through barriers and change your life.

By the end of the retreat you will have adopted a new way of thinking about your future, and design an action plan to make your vision a reality.

Investment: $695 - Travel and hotel accommodations not included.

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