Retreat Overview

What’s Holding You Back?
Can’t let go of the past?
Afraid of the future?
Stuck in the present?

Email for free self-assessment to identify roadblocks to creating the life you deserve


Is Your Organization
Ready for Change?

Email for free Readiness for Change Assessment to evaluate how ready your organization is for change.

Retreat from the day-to-day noise of life to gain clarity, identify choices, and make decisions about what’s next.

We provide strategic change planning programs to help you:

Reinvent Your Life
  • Register for the “What’s Next for You?” Retreat if you’re at a crossroads, are ready for change, and need guidance to plan how to move forward to create the life you know is best for you.
  • Retreats are held bi monthly in Sausalito, California. 
Imagine having someone guide you through the change process, support you in replacing fear with confidence and provide you with a step-by-step plan to create the life you want.

Register Now! Space is limited

Redesign Your Organization
  • Schedule an Organizational Change Planning Retreat with the Change Guru to design a plan to transform your organization and develop the change leadership skills of your employees to execute the plan and sustain the change.
  • Imagine working one-on-one with your own personal change guru to tailor a plan for your group
Rita Burgett Martell, The Change Guru, has provided change management consulting services over the past 20 years to some of the top Fortune 500 Corporations and individual coaching to thousands of men and woman who find themselves at a crossroads wondering “what’s next?” The same change management skills that worked for her individual and organizational clients, will work for you too. Call her at (800) 441-5981 to discuss your needs
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