The Ten Commandments of Organizational Change

  1. One thing is constant in these rapidly changing times: people still resist change

  2. To reach agreement on a solution, you must first get agreement on the problem your proposed solution will solve

  3. Avoiding change isn’t an option. Preparing your organization to make a smooth transition from the current to the future state is.

  4. People adopt change on a continuum. Typically 1/3 support, 1/3 sit on the fence, and 1/3 resist. We must move the 1/3 from the fence to supporting the change and create the critical mass required for success.

  5. Guiding people through transition is like herding cats: People move at their own speed, not yours.

  6. Leaders create the environment that leads to support or resistance.

  7. You can’t make people like change; you can only help them feel less threatened by what’s changing.

  8. People do what they are rewarded to do

  9. We don’t resist what we create. Involvement leads to success. When people affected by the change are involved in implementing the change, they are less likely to resist it.

  10. People control outcomes. Successful organizational change begins with successful individual change.

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