Business Change

Our organizational change planning off-site allows you and your team to escape from the day-to-day chaos of your working world to a beautiful environment that will stimulate creativity and expand your thinking about what’s possible for your organization and for you as a leader of change.

We offer programs and products that are customized to meet your requirements for planning and sustaining change in your organization.

In this two day change planning session you and your team will:
  • Create a vision for the future of your organization
  • Receive the guidance required to move through the steps of the change planning process
  • Develop an executable plan to achieve the vision that will be supported and sustained by your organization
  • Agree on the most effective strategy for implementing the change
We will work with you to design the agenda for the two days that will be the most effective for your group and develop the change toolkit that your team can utilize to implement and sustain the change.

Change Leadership Skills Development Off-site
You will leave this meeting with the knowledge and confidence to return to your organization and successfully lead and sustain change. You will know how to:
  • respond to resistance and minimize its impact on your change initiative
  • engage key stakeholders and leadership to achieve the support required for success
  • prepare your people to move through the transition cycle triggered by change
  • break through the barriers and existing paradigms to create and achieve a new vision for your organization
Schedule an Organizational Change Planning Off-site with the Change Guru to develop the leadership skills of your team and transform your organization into the organization it has the potential to be.

Change Planning Products
Readiness Review
  1. Is your organization ready to launch a change initiative program?
    • High levels of cross-functional coordination are to ensure a successful implementation with seamless adoption and minimal disruption to the running of your business. The Readiness Reviews will provide an independent perspective on the current level of readiness to launch the initiative and what is required for effective monitoring at designated decision points. This provides the opportunity for the project team to:
      • identify possible risks to the success of the change initiative early enough to make course corrections
      • gauge the affected population’s readiness for the upcoming change
      • inform and, if needed, escalate identified risks to leadership to ensure the proper environment exists for change to occur
  2. Is your organization ready to go live with a change initiative that is already in the works?
    • These reviews will provide an independent perspective that will allow you to more thoroughly and successfully implement a change initiative by ensuring that those affected are prepared for pending changes. Readiness reviews will focus on:
      • an individual project’s approach to change management, training, communication, understanding organizational impact and related dependencies.
      • Gauging the readiness of the project team and also evaluate the readiness of the affected area(s) to ensure they are aware and prepared to receive and leverage the results of the initiative.
COTS Change Toolkit
Customized Off-the-Shelf Change Toolkits are available. The toolkits contain all the tools and planning templates you will need to plan and execute change programs for your organization. The tools are designed to be integrated with your current project management methodology or as a stand-alone program to support your change initiatives. Toolkits are scalable to support the size and scope of your change initiative. 3, 2 hour coaching sessions are included with the Change Planning Toolkits.

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