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Strategic Transformations Consulting Inc., (STC)

Founded by Rita Burgett in 2001, STC Inc. is an international consulting firm with offices in San Francisco, California and Nashville, Tennessee. STC has provided change consulting products and services to Fortune 500 corporations worldwide. This has included post-merger integrations, organization redesign and restructuring, enterprise-wide implementations of Oracle, SAP, and various COTS (customized-off-the-shelf) applications, and global process standardizations initiatives. STC’s philosophy is that people control outcomes. Successful organizational change requires an ongoing process of informing, involving and preparing people who will be affected by the change. Change must be achieved on the individual level in order for change to be achieved on the organizational level.

In addition to developing and executing global change management and business transformation plans, STC also provides change management products including change toolkits, templates and methodologies that stand alone or can be integrated with an organization’s existing project management methodology.

In 2011 STC Inc., expanded its services to include change planning retreats to address the needs of individuals who find themselves at a crossroads and who are seeking guidance and a proven change management approach to changing their own life.

Rita Burgett Martell
One of Rita’s clients began referring to her as their “change guru” because of her personal story and extensive professional experience with change.

After becoming a wife at 18, mother at 20, and college graduate at 33, Rita Burgett founded A Woman’s Place, a business in Nashville, Tennessee offering workshops and individual coaching to women seeking positive career or life changes. During the seven years of its operation, Rita's business attracted more than 11,000 women who attended classes, or became Rita's personal coaching clients.

When many of the companies Rita’s clients worked for began requesting her consulting services, she created a division of her business to offer change management services to organizations undergoing mergers and subsequent restructuring. Her change management skills were sought by organizations such as Nissan, Hospital Corporation of America, the State of Tennessee and as a keynote speaker by numerous professional associations at conventions throughout the United States.

In 1993, she divorced and moved to the West coast. She expanded her business to include career management and outplacement services for clients such Bank of America, Kaiser Permanente, Arco, Shell and Chevron. She became known as an in-depth, innovative, yet pragmatic consultant, because of her wide range of personal and corporate change management skills. Her success led to licensing her programs to corporations and outplacement firms. She developed the first career management course that was offered by the American Management Association nationwide.

She was asked to join Oracle Corporation in 1996 to apply her change management experience to large-scale technology change projects. Two years later, in 1998, she joined KPMG Consulting to become Senior Director of High-Tech Change Management. She assisted in developing KPMG’s change management methodology, and designed and implemented change solutions for global business transformation projects. Her clients included PG&E, Cisco, Siemens, and Microsoft, with projects in Sydney, Amsterdam, London, Brussels and Munich.

In 2002 she founded Strategic Transformations Consulting Inc., (STC) to provide change management consulting services to individuals and organizations. Since then she has lead large-scale global, multi-phase, multi-location technology, organizational realignment and process change initiatives for Fortune 500 clients; and, providing thought leadership and change coaching for C-level executives and Senior Leadership Teams. Her clients have included Chevron, The Gap, Genentech, Astra-Zeneca/Medimmune, McKesson Corporation, Lyondell Chemical Company, Teague Design, California State Automobile Association, and Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools. Her international experience includes working with clients in Australia, Manila, Bali, UK, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Cape Town, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore

Rita was born in Nashville, Tennessee, and graduated summa cum laude from Belmont University. She has two grown daughters and one perfect granddaughter. She met and married Dan in 2010. They currently live in Sausalito, California and Nashville, Tennessee.

Dan Martell
After graduating from Harvard College and the Harvard Business School, Dan spent his career as a trader of commodities, stocks and options. He was a member of two commodity exchanges in New York and Chicago as a private trader for more than 20 years. Later he managed quantitative hedge funds for two international banks.

While enjoying and thriving in that very competitive environment, the field of personal growth has long been a parallel passion. Understanding why we do what we do and how to continue to grow and evolve as a person has been a lifelong pursuit.

He started down his personal path of self-development when he enrolled in the coaching program with Coach U. Through his participation in this program he increased his awareness of what he needed to do to make his own life more fulfilling as well as skills he could use to work with others who were looking for an inner sense of well-being the working world wasn’t providing

After he met and married Rita in 2010, he found a way to combine the best of both worlds and redesign his own future.

Today Dan continues to trade actively while working with Rita to provide retreats to help others determine their passion and create a step by step plan to achieve their goals. He is also an arbitrator for FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority), where his coaching skills really comes in handy. In addition he tutors both writing and mathematics to inmates at San Quentin prison and teaches golf to inner city youth through the First Tee Organization in San Francisco.
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