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Ready or not – change happens!  Buy this book and learn how to replace resistance to change with readiness for change. After reading this book you will know:
  1. The critical steps required to launch, execute and sustain change in your organization.
  2. What people need to feel confident and ready to embrace change.
  3. How to develop your own change leadership skills to become a change ready leader people want to follow.

A Glimpse of CHANGE READY!

Each chapter in the book describes a critical step required to implement and sustain change, plus the individual concerns that must be addressed to minimize resistance and maximize readiness.

Chapter 1: Create a Shared Vision:  
“What does the future look like and will it include me?”

Chapter 2: Understand the Impact:
“How much will I need to change?”

Chapter 3: Refocus Resistance:
“I need to feel in control”

Chapter 4: Engage Stakeholders Effectively:
“I need to feel needed to feel secure”

Chapter 5: Prepare People to Succeed:
“Will I learn what I need to know to be successful?”

Chapter 6: Evaluate Readiness for Launch:
 “Are we really going to do this?”.

Chapter 7: Sustain the Change
 “I can’t believe we ever did it any other way.”

Chapter 8: Become a Change Ready Leader:
 “This is a leader I want to follow.”


Over the past twenty years Rita  Burgett-Martell has led global change initiatives for Fortune 500 clients, provided change consulting services and thought leadership for C-level executives and Senior Leadership Teams.

Her clients include Chevron, Cisco Systems, Gap, GenentAstra-Zeneca, Medimmune, McKesson Corporation, Lyondell Chemical Company, Siemens, Teague Design, Bank of America, Washington Mutual, California State Automobile Association, Kaiser Permanente, PG&E, Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools, Chicago Public Schools, Infonet, Quantum Symantec and Detroit Edison.

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